NetFleet is a GPS system for controlling and managing your vehicle business. It helps you optimize costs and is especially effective in preventing abuse. The NetFleet control panel is easy to operate and requires no special skills. You can count on 24-hour support. The system has a wide territorial scope.

You can track moving objects even outside Europe. There is no limit to the number of vehicles you will register. You can download data from the tachographs remotely at any time, as well as make inquiries about waybills, refueling and fuel consumption, mileage, etc.

Everything for your vehicles in one device

If it is important for you to:

If it is important for you to:

  • Track the location, speed, route, stops, fuel level, and consumption. 

  • Automatically send data for payment of tolls.

  • Know who the driver is, whether he observes the restrictions and schedule.

  • Remotely download data from the tachograph.

  • Know whether somebody smokes in the cabin and how much is the temperature in the trailer. 

  • Receive notifications for payment of insurance, change of tires, oil, and parts of all your vehicles.

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Other useful features for you:

Other useful features for you:

  • Mobile application for convenient access to the system.

  • Status icons that show the current status of communication with both the truck and the toll system.

  • Administer service events: you can add or remove service events that you want to appear in your account.

  • You continue to receive data even when vehicles enter underground car parks and garages.

  • Plan routes and monitor their implementation. In case of deviation from the route or difference between the distance traveled and the one set in advance, you will receive notifications.

  • The driver sees the planned route for the day after registering via iButton, RFID card or tachograph card.

  • In your fuel reports, the graphs turn red in the event of potential theft.

  • Refrigerator trailer temperature reference with exact position (coordinates).

  • Distinction of serious violations in the reports (for example, speeding over 20% of the limit).

  • You receive notifications for violations longer than the one you specified (for example, speeding for more than 5 minutes).

  • Notifications for "engine operation in one place" if it exceeds the time set by you.

  • Automatic download of fuel refueling data from gas stations for more complete information in fuel reports.

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