Advanced tracking

You get all the basic tracking features plus a GPS device connected to your vehicle computer (CAN). Thus, you can carefully monitor both the fuel level in the tank and the amount consumed. 

You see engine speed and temperature, brake application frequency, acceleration, and more than 40 other indicators. You can access and download data from the tachograph of your trucks remotely.

Notifications of driver violations

NetFleet highlights serious driver violations and notifies you of them. If the driver raises at a speed 20% higher than the set speed limit, for example, this is considered a serious violation by default. You can change these parameters and set other limits, including determining how long each violation can last before you receive a notification.

More features

More features

  • You can access and download data from the tachograph of your trucks remotely without the need for physical intervention and attachment to other devices. This way you will see which driver used the vehicle, how many hours, at what speed, whether the restrictions were observed.

  • On the NetFleet device, you can set the time at which the vehicle can run in "on-the-spot engine" mode, for example, 3 minutes, and if it is exceeded, you receive notifications.

  • When you want to check data about the fuel consumption, NetFleet gives you access to refueling data from gas stations. This way you get the most complete and accurate information, and you can easily compare the data with those for liters consumed and mileage.

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