Specialized solutions

Depending on your needs, NetFleet offers you to use additional detectors or sensors for fuel, temperature, door, hatch, connection to the alarm system, panic button, flow meter, etc. Other technological and individual solutions are also 

at your disposal, including designed for farmers, specialized machinery, transport schedules, navigation and text communication with the driver, hardware and software development, and much more.

Prevent misuse and fuel theft

With NetFleet, you can quickly and easily check fuel consumption for a year ago. When the vehicle is stationary and not moving, but the fuel is reduced, the fuel graphs are colored red. This clearly distinguishes potential thefts. With regular monitoring of data, you can easily catch and stop abuses. 

Your tailor-made solutions

  • Fuel probes for accurate fuel level measurement. On heavy equipment, such as excavators, NetFleet attaches additional flow meters to effectively track fuel consumption and avoid / detect theft.

  • Video surveillance solution - in real time you can monitor moving objects, as well as rewind the recording to find out what the driver was doing at specific times.

  • Smoke detectors - if someone smokes in the car, the sensors respond and alert you.

  • Temperature sensors - if you have refrigerated trailers or transport animals that require a special temperature, you can monitor whether it is observed. You get a reference with exact coordinates and temperature from the trailers of your trucks.

Your benefits

Your benefits

  • Control in real-time and always know where the vehicle is (2 meters deviation).

  • Prevention of theft.

  • More security for you and your employees.  

  • You save on vehicles costs.

  • Control over fuel consumption.

  • Optimize routes and speed.

  • Minimize overall operating costs.

  • Significantly increase efficiency in organizing work. 

  • You increase driving discipline.

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