Basic tracking

You can easily manage your business with cars, trucks, and other vehicles remotely. Track start and stop points in real-time or on record!

You always know if drivers adhere to pre-set routes, whether they follow the speed limits, what their behavior is behind the wheel.

Track through your phone

NetFleet has a mobile app that lets you track through your phone where your vehicles are at all times.

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How it works?

When the driver gets into the vehicle, he must first check-in. To do this, he should bring his personal card close to a transmitter, which sends the data to the NetFleet device.

If the driver does not register, a continuous beep sound is made until the entry.

Once the driver checks in, if there are pre-set routes for him (for example for the day), he sees them on his map.

When deviating from these routes, NetFleet device administrators receive notifications. 

You get information about:

  • Location;

  • Speed and direction of movement;

  • Date and time;

  • Vehicle status:

  • Starting place;

  • Indication of movement;

  • Engine off;

  • Fuel level in the tank by factory sensor (if available);

  • Detailed routes and zones with places stopped and precise addresses;

  • Real-time and up-to-date reports with date and time setting;

  • Limits and alerts of speed when leaving a geographical area;

  • Reporting of work, stopping and sites visited;

  • Entry, staying in and exiting predefined zones;

  • Working in and out of working hours;

  • Automatic information related to „weekend tax“ reporting;

  • Alert for upcoming technical maintenance and service;

  • Detailed electronic waybill.

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