NetFleet for farmers

Netfleet is a complete solution that includes a GPS tracking software platform with sensors allowing farmers to read many parameters from the on-board computer on any agricultural 

machine. Devices transmit data to the software system in which they are processed and visualized via a computer or mobile device.

We will help you deal with:

  • High fuel consumption
  • Low productivity when cultivating the areas
  • Processing quality control
  • Service issues
  • Reporting of toll fees 
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NetFleet provides you with two types of solutions

Basic tracking - allows you to track speed, trajectory, operating time, driver, as well as reporting toll fees. You can set routes for drivers, and in case of deviation - to receive notifications.

Advanced tracking - allows you to track the parameters of the basic functionality, as well as a huge number of parameters depending on the brand and model of equipment. It is possible to install various sensors for heat, humidity, cameras and more.

Fuel consumption monitoring

Fuel consumption monitoring

  • Fuel used in % for a specified period, on a given machine. Shows the amount of fuel in the tank when working on site and on the go.

  • A drop in fuel while the vehicle is running on site (graph in red) is a signal of potential theft.

  • We manage to save up to 50% of fuel costs, and we can detect up to 95% of thefts from any agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, pumps, etc.).

Improved processing productivity

The presence of speed control in combination with drawing the exact trajectory of the machine leads to increased efficiency of tillage.

Speed control is key. At any time you have information about who, when, where and at what speed performs his task.

Processing quality control

  • Tracking the quality of land treatment is very easy.

  • Setting up an agricultural report requires pre-entered available inventories and their sizes.

  • According to the size of the inventory, the map shows the cultivated area during: plowing, spraying, fertilizing, watering, harvesting. You can easily find out if there are processing omissions.

Easier vehicle service

  • The system allows you to create a file of the machines with all repairs, informing you in advance about upcoming services.

  • You have access to a large number of parameters related to the operation of the machine, which allows you to monitor the load levels and thus prevent overheating and overload.

You get more

  • Personal contact person and assistance in working with the platform.

  • Personal profile and possibility for different levels of access.

  • EU certified equipment approved by all agricultural machinery manufacturers.

  • Installation of devices.

  • Ability to develop additional modules and functionalities in the GPS platform.

  • 24 / 7 technical support.

  • Guaranteed security when transferring data and storing information in the own data centers of the independent telecommunications company Neterra.

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