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NetFleet is a web-based Internet of Things (IoT) GPS tracking platform with powerful data analytic capabilities. It monitors and records everything related to your vehicles with transmitters and sensors. NetFleet is a brand of the independent Bulgarian telecommunications company Neterra, which has been 

on the market for almost 30 years and operates internationally. Neterra has developed, owns, and provides both NetFleet and all services on the platform, including in the form of a "White Label Product". If your business wants to sell NetFleet under its own name and brand, Neterra gives you this opportunity.

NetFleet is a brand of Neterra

The platform uses all of Neterra's resources and capabilities for data transfer, storage, and backup. You can count on 24/7 assistance and technical support.

What are we doing for you?

What are we doing for you?

  • The NetFleet control panel is easy to operate and requires no special skills.

  • High-tech GPS/GPRS solution allows you to track vehicles and other mobile objects in real-time and past periods through your web browser.

  • You can remotely monitor and check the positions of your vehicles through a set of maps and analyze a large number of parameters using tables and graphs.

  • Neterra constantly improves the platform in accordance with the individual needs of its customers. As a result, NetFleet's capabilities are increasing, making it one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the world.

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