Service module

With NetFleet you have an electronic service book for your vehicles with information on service, maintenance, insurance, vignettes, when tires are fitted, replaced parts under warranty, and more.

You receive notifications by email or text message when it's time to change the oil, wipers, other parts of the car, to pay the insurance, and much more.

Set events, receive notifications

From the menu, you can easily administer the service events that are important for your business. For example, you can add "wiper change", "tire change" and all the other things you want to be notified about. These events can be completely individual - for example, "lubrication of the electric truck circuit". You can also delete events that you do not need.

The service module sends you notifications:

  • How many miles ago you changed the oil and filters; when their time come again.

  • When to change the wiper fluid with a winter-friendly one.

  • At what time of the year is it good to consider tires change.

  • On which dates do you have to pay for insurance.

  • When to do an annual technical inspection.

  • For any other service events that are important to you.

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